Author: Mrs Magpie

International Ring Sizing

Global Sizing Made Easy

Did you know that rings are sized differently around the world? It’s a fact that fingers essentially are the same shape around the world, but other nations measure them differently. We want to celebrate our differences with a chart! Conveniently these are the exact size range that we offer on our Kickstarter! Now would be a…

State Quarter Coin

This Coin Has Gluten!

You’ve probably had at least one of every state quarter in your pocket or purse at one time or another. And now you could be wearing the coin on your finger, or say, on a chain around your neck (Hint, hint Mrs.MagpiesTreasures on Kickstarter). But here are some things you may not know about the state quarters…


Is this REAL silver?

Um, well… The short answer is…No.  The quarters and dimes we use contain NO silver. None of the currently-minted quarters and dimes in circulation do!  I was shocked, SHOCKED, I tell ya! The slightly longer answer is that modern “clad” coins are minted by layering a mix of 75% copper and 25% nickel (aka cupronickel) over…