Rings from Change

The Joys of Pocket Change

Nearly everyone has a handful of change in their pocket or wallet.  What made us decide to turn these every day objects into wearable art?

First – they’re cool.  Coins have beautiful design elements.  The material used in contemporary coins retains these design elements during the process of creation, so you end up with a design that is unique, yet recognizable.

The material in U.S. coins is durable – coins last around 40 years in circulation, so a coin ring should last at least that long.

For Greg, a childhood spent collecting coins led to a life-long interest in numismatics.

For Nancy, the aesthetics of some coins is just remarkable.  Take a look at an old Canadian penny.


Imagine the vine pattern on the outside of a ring.  Stunning!

Lastly, coins can be used to commemorate a special event by using a coin with a specific date or location on it.  Instead of carrying it with you and accidentally spending it, you can wear this keepsake.


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